TOP 5 Freddy Krueger Collectibles (nightmare on elm street)

Hieronder kan u onze TOP 5, reeds uitgebrachte, collectibles vinden van de dreamkiller Freddy Krueger! Recht uit Elm Street vindt u deze geweldige Nightmare Items!

1. Nightmare on Elm Street Candy Bowl Holder Freddy Krueger 40 cm
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– Officially licensed Nightmare on Elm Street candy bowl holder
– Size: 40 cm

2. New Nightmare on Elm Street: Freddy Prop Replica Glove
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New detailed prop replica of Freddy Krueger’s infamous glove from the Nightmare on Elm Street movies.

3. Nightmare on Elm Street Action Figure Comic Book Freddy Krueger SDCC 2012 Exclusive 18 cm
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This special edition Freddy figure re-creates the ´Nightmares From Hell´ comic book dream sequence as seen in The Dream Child. Freddy features black & white deco and rides a specially modified skateboard w/ blades on the tail.

Includes custom skateboard, removable hat, and paper doll of Mark Grey. Clamshell packaging.

4. Freddy Krueger Stylized Roto Figure
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Mezco gives Freddy the stylized treatment and creates and instant classic. Standing 9 inches tall he features 8 points of articulation.

5. Nightmare on Elm Street Series 1 Action Figure – Freddy Krueger ´Original NOES´
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Celebrating the original Nightmare on Elm Street Films comes the definitive versions of Freddy from Parts 1 and 2. The original Freddy includes regular and interchangeable stretched arms, 2 different heads, and a removable hat.

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